Indomix Celebrates Birthday With Bakassi IDPs, Promises To Do More

Indomix IMG_20170819_132304

Top Nigerian sound engineer, music producer, artist and movie actor, Indomix celebrated his 35th birthday on Saturday 19th of August, 2017 with the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs of Bakassi in Cross River State.

Indomix whose full name is Iloyi Oluwole Adebayo and a native of Ogun State decided to share his joy with the IDPs as part of his humanitarian services.

Speaking during the birthday celebrations, Indomix said he was inspired to celebrate with the IDPs due to a voice that kept ringing on his head. He said, “I had this strong feelings that, why can’t you do something special? Why drink, eat and merry with friends why there are people out there without a home? That was one of the reasons I decided to do something special.

“Last year, same date on my birthday, my office got razed by fire and I thought it was over for me, but as God had it, I even have a better office now. That’s also another reason that inspired me to mark this day with the displaced people.

“I grew up in the streets, my father left me when I was little and I know what it feels like to be in their (IDPs) shoes. I thought of it until Lilly Williams Homes of Lilly Williams Foundation, a very good friend told me about the IDPs in Cross River State, that was how I navigated my way here and I’m happy I was able to put a long lasting smile on the faces of these people,” Indomix said.

Indomix who has never been to Cross River State before was overwhelmed by the love and care given to him by the people of the state. “I have never been to Calabar, Cross River State before. I only hear of the name on TV, Radio, Internet, etc, but I am glad I finally made it here.

“With the warmth embrace I got from these people, I promise to do more for the less privileged, the poor, the marginalised ones, and the entire world.

“I could feel their pains, they’re missing their soft feathering/foamy bed. They are here in an environment filled with dangerous animals, mosquitoes, snakes, scorpions and many others. They have been separated from the crowds, they’ve been left all alone.”

Indomix who could barely withstand the sufferings of the people said, he wished he had resources, he could’ve built a better home for them. “I wish I had better resources, I could’ve built a better home for them. I am joyous no doubt, but look at them, they need a warmth embrace too. They are celebrating me with all enthusiasm, irrespective of who I am, where am from. Much love to them all,” Indomix said.

The mastermind behind D’Banj’s Emergency, one of the greatest hit songs of 2017 and other solo-tuned songs from top Nigerian and international artists dashed out money, shoes, clothes, Indomie, Yams, Detergents, Cooking items, Insecticide Treated Mosquito nets, and several other items to the IDPs.

He went ahead to encourage them to be steadfast and that one day, many of them will be Governors, Commissioners, Senators, President, rich business men, academics and even the world famous and richest people.

Filled with greatest joy, the Bakassi IDPs sang and danced with Indomix as they also prayed and wished him well, plus abundant wealth in return.

Speaking was Mr. Okon Etim Effiom, Camp Secretary of the Bakassi IDPs who said they are more than 3,000 of them and they’ve been in the camp since 2013 making it four years plus.

Effiom said, they’re being treated like animals from the Cameroonian government, especially the last spike which left more than 100 of them dead. He added that the situation they found themselves today is unbearable, but thanked Indomix and people of his kind for the love and care shattered upon them.

“We thank Indomix for the wonder he’s created. We’re left with nothing until God sent him to us. He’s not from here but he feels and share our pains. May God bless him abundantly.” Mr. Okon said.

Okon further expressed that they have people in the Senate, House of Representative and Assembly, but they never cared for them. Only people who are not from the authorities come to their aid.

“People that help us are either individuals like Indomix, NGOs, private firms, United Nations, UNICEF, etc. Our people who hold political power and are at the highest position to help us, never care about us.” Okon lamented.

Okon also said, they are operating from two different camps, one at Ikot Effiom, built by United Nations and the high Commissioner for refugees which is quite small and the one they’re in, the Ikot Eyo Edem Camp, at Akpabuyo Local Government Area of the state.

Indomix was accompanied by a group of friends including members of the Lilly Williams Foundation, His Manager, Didi, Cross River State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Emmanuel Idris aka Bob Manny (Buhari crooner whose song was produced by Indomix), Calabar Reporters, Channels TV and several others.

Watch Video Below… 



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